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Speech for the new Employment Insurance parental sharing benefit announcement (September 2018)


to announce

the new Employment Insurance parental sharing benefit

Ottawa, Ontario

September 27, 2018

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(2018 PASRB 000938)




Hello everyone,


I would like to thank the Sunnyside Footsteps for hosting us and highlight the fact that we are meeting today on Traditional Algonquin Territory.


As you may know, this week marks Canada’s first-ever Gender Equality Week.


This is the perfect week to announce important news that represents a big step towards promoting greater gender equality at home and in the workplace.


We are announcing today that the new five-week parental sharing will start in March 2019.


Implementing this measure three months sooner than expected means that more than 24,000 additional parents could benefit from this measure.


Gender Equality Week is also a week to celebrate our progress toward greater equality but also a week to reflect on the challenges and work that still lie ahead.


Même si les Canadiennes comptent parmi les femmes les plus instruites du monde, elles demeurent moins susceptibles de participer au marché du travail et plus susceptibles de travailler à temps partiel que les hommes.


On average, women in Canada earn 69 cents for every dollar earned by men on an annual basis.


Canadian women are under‑represented in positions of leadership, and businesses in Canada are overwhelmingly owned by men.


Par ailleurs, les exigences que comporte le travail non rémunéré empêchent trop souvent les femmes de saisir les occasions de réaliser leur plein potentiel.


Cette situation freine ainsi notre économie.


RBC Economics estimates that adding more women to the workforce could boost the level of Canada’s GDP by as much as 4% or almost 6000 dollars per household.

Providing Canadians with the opportunity to realize their full potential isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s the smart thing to do for our economy.




Simply put, equality between Canadian women and men will lead to greater prosperity—not just for women and their families, but for all Canadians.


That is why Budget 2018 has introduced a new Employment Insurance parental sharing benefit.
This benefit supports a more equal distribution of home and work responsibilities by providing an additional five weeks of EI parental benefits when both parents share parental leave.


This helps parents share more equally the work and the joy of raising their children.


This benefit—the new five-week parental sharing—was originally targeted to come into force in June 2019, but today I am happy to announce that our government intends to introduce the new parental sharing benefit three months earlier, March 17, 2019.


Cette prestation devait au départ entrer en vigueur en juin 2019, mais je suis heureux d’annoncer aujourd’hui que notre gouvernement a l’intention d’instaurer cette nouvelle prestation trois mois plus tôt, soit le 17 mars 2019.


The earlier implementation date means that more than 24,000 additional parents could benefit from this measure in 2019.


Now that is something to celebrate.




La nouvelle prestation parentale partagée appuie l’engagement du gouvernement d’offrir des prestations parentales de l’assurance‑emploi plus souples et plus accessibles.


Budget 2017 also made it easier for parents and family caregivers to access Employment Insurance benefits.


Finding the right work—family balance is a challenge for many parents across the country.


We want to help them find that important balance.


That is why since December 3, 2017 parents of a newborn or newly adopted child are able to choose between two parental benefit options.


The first option is to receive 35 weeks of parental benefits at the rate of 55 percent over a period of up to 12 months.


The second option is to receive 61 weeks of parental benefits at a lower rate corresponding to 33 percent of their average weekly income. Combined parental and maternity benefits can then be spread over 18 months.


In addition, eligible pregnant mothers are now able to receive Employment Insurance maternity benefits up to 12 weeks before their expected delivery date.


This is more flexible than the previous situation, which limited benefits to eight weeks before the expected delivery date.




I was proud to announce today that the new five-week parental sharing will start in March 2019. This means that more than 24,000 additional parents could benefit from this measure.


I am also proud of what we have accomplished for our parents and children but there is a lot more to do in order to create long-term prosperity for every Canadian.


Merci. Thank you.